食堂 | Shi Tang by Mahota


About us

Shi Tang is a ‘casual canteen' dining concept revolves around Singapore’s favourite local comfort food. Featuring fresh fish from our very own local Sea Farm and hearty Zi Char specialties such as Fish Head Steamboat, Signature Crispy Prawn Roll, Curry Assam Fish, Bi Feng Tang Crab, Big Head Prawn w/ Lobster Ball Porridge, etc. Showcasing beautiful multi-cultural flavours that all foodies would adore.

“食堂”让人联想起日本神剧《深夜食堂》浓浓的街坊情怀。 喜闻来到大巴窑,百美集团属下的“食堂”除价格大众化外,重要 的是它更关注食材的安全,让食客吃得健康,营造出家庭般的温馨 氛围

Toa Payoh Outlet: 18 Toa Payoh Lorong 7, #01-232 Prime Court, S310018
Yishun Outlet: 461 Yishun Ave 6, #01-16 Prime Court, S760461

Prime Aquaculture 百美海洋牧场

Farm-to-Table 农场至餐桌

Shi Tang at Toa Payoh primarily sources its whole fish from our very local fish farm which located in the nearby waters of Pulau Tekong Island. Prime Aquaculture Seafarm currently cultivates five different fish varieties: Red Snapper, Seabass, Hybrid Grouper, Silver Pomfret, and Threadfin. Spanning a 3.5-hectare sea area, Prime Aquaculture Seafarm operates on an efficient scale, benefiting both the farm and consumers through economies of scale.

Daily orders are accepted at 12 noon, with harvesting commencing just an hour later. Subsequently, the fish are transported to Jurong Fishery Port for centralized distribution. Priority is accorded to Prime Supermarket and Shi Tang restaurant orders, all while ensuring the farm-to-table process is completed within a 24-hour window.

供应大巴窑“食堂”的鱼类食材,均来自德光岛 附近海域的百美水产养殖。养殖场共养了五种鱼:红 鸡、金目鲈、龙虎斑、银鲳、午鱼。 百美水产养殖通过规模化的3.5公顷面积海域产 鱼,达到了经济效益,让消费者受益。每天中午12时 接到订单后,1时起开始捕捞,然后送到裕廊渔港批发市场集中分配。优先供应给百美自家的超市和《食堂》餐馆,确保24小时内达成农场到餐桌的目标。